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Purple Law Firm is a Tennessee general practice firm founded by James D. Purple, Sr., Attorney at Law, and located in historic Chattanooga, Hamilton County, TN. Our Chattanooga attorneys will provide you with courteous, expedient, professional legal representation in many areas of law. Learn more about Purple Law firm and our lawyers. Choosing a lawyer can be a challenge. Obviously, the financial part of the decision is a factor, but should not be the sole deciding factor when retaining an attorney This is especially true in very serious legal matters like choosing a divorce lawyer, a lawyer for bankruptcy, or a criminal law attorney. For experienced legal counsel contact our Tennessee attorneys in Chattanooga.
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Attorney Consultation and Lawyer Representation

Matters of law need professional attention and solutions. Whether you need a consultation for legal advice counsel or extensive attorney representation for an ongoing legal matter, or debt relief solutions, the lawyers of Chattanooga's Purple Law Firm can help you. Contact one of our seasoned attorneys for divorce representation, criminal defense, to file bankruptcy (chapter 7 and 13), to incorporate your business, for civil litigation issues,or any other legal problem in the Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee area.

Chattanooga Family Law Attorneys,Contested and Uncontested Divorce

Child Custody Disputes and Child Support in Tennessee

When a legal issue involves your family it is very personal and can be quite stressful. Dissolving a marriage by the legal process of divorce involves a multitude of issues of law that affect the very fabric of your life. Rely on the experience of a caring divorce lawyer in Tennessee for legal representation.
Whether the divorce is contested or uncontested (agreed) you have to deal with the end of the marital relationship, moving to a new home, dividing the property of the marriage, and perhaps spousal support or alimony. In addition to this, if you have a minor child, the divorce will also involve child custody - deciding the issues of parenting responsibilities and support for the child, where the child resides and when, and who makes major parenting decisions. When divorce and child custody issues arise you can depend on the knowledgeable family law attorneys of Purple Law Firm in Chattanooga,TN- over 30 years experience with legal issues involved in domestic relations law.

Divorce and Bankruptcy Lawyers - Legal Procedures

One of the leading causes of divorce is financial stresscaused by poor spending habits and the burden of debt. Unfortunately dissolving the marriage by divorce does not usually resolve the debt problems. In order to get a fresh start on life, you may need to consider filing divorce and bankruptcyat the same time Contact a lawyer for bankruptcy and divorce for a consultation about divorceand Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

About Bankruptcy - The Legal Process of Debt Relief

When debt gets high the solutions are scarce. However, bankruptcy offers complete debt relief and a possibility of a fresh financial start. What you must do to file bankruptcy. But bankruptcy laws are complicated and the legal process and issues involved in declaring bankruptcy can sometimes be scary. Can you keep your home if you file bankruptcy. What happens when you file a chapter 13? Are there exceptionsto discharge of debt in chapter 7. Get the answers to these questions and the legal advice and representation you deserve and need by retaining an attorney at law experienced in bankruptcy.

Stop foreclosure: Save Your Home or Walk Away

If you are facing foreclosure, bankruptcy can help you save your home when you file chapter 13. Of course filing chapter 7 bankruptcy will allow you to surrender - give up - your house and get a new start in your financial life by discharging or erasing your mortgage. Insolvency is the inability to pay your financial obligations - debts- as they come due. If you think you may be insolvent or bankrupt contact a Chattanooga debt relief lawyer for legal counsel and guidance.
Of course there are other possible resolutions to a foreclosure situation, including foreclosure defense and negotiated surrender of your home. Complete debt relief services are available through Purple Law Firm, attorneys in Chattanooga.

Criminal Lawyers Defending Felony Misdemeanor and DUI Charges

If a person is charged with a crime, the first thing one should do is to retain a criminal defense lawyer. A criminal attorney should be at your side from the moment you are arrested for a crime until the completion of the prosecution of the criminal case. Whether the defendant will end up entering a plea agreement or going to a jury trial, the legal criminal defense  beginsimmediately. Choose your Tennessee criminal lawyer wisely. If you are accused of illegal conduct, and facing incarceration or fines rely on seasoned legal professionals with 30+ years experience practicing criminal law. Our Chattanooga criminal lawyers defend people charged with a wide variety of felony and misdemeanor crimes, and DUI in Tennessee state and municipal courts as well as federal district court.

Matters of law require professional Legal expertise

Attorney consultation leads to a successful lease negotiation. If you are faced with an issue of legal significance seek the advice and counsel of a seasoned legal professional, an attorney at law. Explore our blog series "Should Have Had a Lawyer"Find out what can happen in a divorce without an attorney, and the about the hazards of executing a Power of Attorney without legal advice. Always keep in mind thatlegal documents and contracts can be dangerous to your financial health and cause a lot of serious legal problems. Seek legal advice and counsel from an experienced attorney in Chattanooga about any matter involving Tennessee or federal law or your legal rights.

Lawyers Serving Tennessee's Legal Needs

Purple Law Firm is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee and its lawyers represent individuals and small businesses in a wide variety of situations that involve questions or issues of law. Our legal professionals are experienced and seasoned in the legal practice areas listed in this web site, including bankruptcy, divorce, criminal defense, and estate planning.
If you encounter an issue or problem that involves a legal matter, a question of law, contact our Chattanooga lawyers for counsel, advice and representation.

The information contained in this web site is for general informational and marketing purposes only, and is not intended as legal advice, nor does it establish an attorney-client relationship. To receive legal advice, counsel and representation in matters of law from Purple Law Firm or its attorneys lawyers call or email for an appointment. Read disclaimer regarding commercial purposes and specialization of legal practice. The plural term attorneys / lawyers herein refers to the association of other attorneys in certain cases and is for marketing purposes only, and in no way is intended to imply anything further. Chattanooga, Tennessee Attorney Jim Purple has over 30 years experience in the practice areas listed and highlighted in this web site.

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Chattanooga Attorneys

Our Chattanooga attorneys at law can help with most legal issues in Tennessee. Lawyers who are seasoned in a wide variety of matters concerning the laws in Tennessee and the United States code. Contact an attorneyin Chattanooga, TN today for a consultation or if you need legal representation or advice about divorceand family law in TN including child custody and child supportissues.Maybe you or a loved one has been charged with a crime and need a criminal defense lawyer or a DUI attorney to protect your legal rights.
Our attorneys in Chattanooga have over 30 years experience in estate planning- writing Wills and trusts, and practicing Tennessee probate law in Hamilton County and surrounding areas.

Legal Practice Areas

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The Law and You in Chattanooga

Learn about the legal issues and laws that affect your life, and rely upon the Chattanooga attorneys of Purple Law Firm for legal counsel about bankruptcy issues, or the process of divorce. The Law and You features discussions about criminal defense matters DUI and general legal issues including civil litigation, probate, and estate planning (wills / trusts). Get answers to questions like What is a living will?Do it yourself legal forms, is it wise? How is child support calculated?

Attorneys in Chattanooga, Tennessee taking on the tough legal issues - Resolving Tax Debt in Bankruptcy, Can a parentrelocate with a minor child, and Super Discharge in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Follow our legal articles on Facebook, Twitter, or Googe+, and learn how the law impacts you and your family, friends and business.

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