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Chattanooga Criminal attorney Jim PurpleWhen you are arrested and charged with a crime, the consequences are very serious.  Depending on the type of crime that you are charged with, you may face many years in prison, loss of your job, driver’s license, family problems, and the list goes on.  The first and foremost action that you should you take is to retain an experienced  criminal  attorney Jim Purple has been practicing criminal law for over 30 years.

What is Criminal Law?

The criminal law sets the acceptable limits of conduct in society. Everyone is expected to obey the criminal law under the penalty of punishment. The criminal law generally does not require you to perform an action, rather, it forbids an unlawful action. The State of Tennessee, and the federal government have their own set of criminal laws. Criminal law consists of the legal code - the rules defining criminal or illegal conduct and how it is punished- and the rules of criminal procedure- the established set of actions  employed to prosecute a crime and protect the rights of the defendant. A crime is an illegal act for which a punishment (jail or prison time, or fine) will be imposed upon conviction. 
Don't face criminal charges alone, let the criminal attorneys at Purple Law Firm, help you. Chattanooga criminal lawyer Jim Purple  will be there every step of the way to defend you and protect your rights. Whether at trial or in a plea agreement, our criminal lawyers always work hard to achieve the best result possible for you. From the setting of your bond to the disposition of your case, have an attorney experienced in criminal law on your side.  
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GPS tracking for those arrested for domestic violence offenses in Tennessee. It protects alleged victims, but does it violate the constitutional rights of the accused? Under a new Tennessee law effective July 2011, a person charged with a domestic violence offense in Tennessee may be required to attach or carry a GPS device as a condition of bail. Retain an experienced domestic violence criminal attorney in Chattanooga.
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Felony Charges

Involves the accusation of having committed a very serious crime. There are several classes (A-E) of felony crimes, with punishment ranging from 1 year to life in prison, or capital punishment. Conviction of a felony offense can lead to the loss or limitation of certain constitutional rights, including the right to vote, and to right to own or possess a firearm. Contact a felony criminal attorney in Chattanooga, TN. Felony charges in Tennessee include aggravated assault, theft over $500, robbery, gun crimes, and a multitude of sexual offenses, just to name a few. There a variety of drug charges that are classified as felonies in Tennessee. Contact a Tennessee criminal lawyer to inquire as to the crime for which you have been arrested or indicted.

Misdemeanor Crimes

Being arrested an accused of committing a less serious crime with penalties ranging from fines to incarceration for up to 11 months 29 day for a Class "A" misdemeanor. Misdemeanor crimes include simple drug possession, simple assault, prostitution crimes, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and a variety of other criminal  offenses. To find out if you have been charged with a felony or a misdemeanor crime consult with an attorney practicing criminal law in Tennessee.

DUI- Driving under the influence of intoxicants, including alcohol, marijuana, illegal narcotics, and some prescription drugs. Conviction of a DUI offense can lead to the revocation of drivers license, and multiple convictions of a DUI offense can lead to felony charges.

Traffic Offense or Citation

A violation of traffic laws, with penalties ranging from fines to suspension or revocation of driver's license. Don't be alone in court retain an attorney to represent you before the city court or general sessions court for a traffic charge, ticket or citation.

Criminal Law and Procedures

Stay up to date on and explore the issues of criminal law and defense follow Purple Law Firm's  legal blog The Law and You In Chattanooga. Featuring  and focusing on changes and updates in criminal law and procedure, US Supreme Court cases, and other issues that may affect your legal rights, and learn more about the criminal attorneys who can defend you if you are arrested and charged with committing a crime.

What does it mean to plea bargain?

If you are charged with a crime then you may have the case tried before a jury or you may be able to enter a plea bargain (plea agreement) with the State of Tennessee by pleading guilty to the crime charged or a lesser crime with the provision for a lesser sentence or perhaps probation. To endeavor  to compromise and settle a criminal case is a serious and complex decision that should only be made after getting legal advice from a criminal attorney. Learn more about plea bargains

Pre Trial Diversion in Tennessee

Tennessee like many states offers the opportunity for first time criminal offenders an opportunity to have the charge diverted or stalled for a period of time. Formerly Tennessee offered both pretrial diversion and judicial diversionTennessee now only allows for a judicial diversion. A judicial diversionary period is set by  the court and during that time, if the defendant does not commit any further crimes, then the original charge may, upon application to the court, be dismissed and expunged from the record. DUI Offenses are not eligible for judicial diversion. There are also many other serious offenses that are not eligible for judicial diversion. Speak to a criminal attorney about pre trial judicial diversion.  
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